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NOW is the time to stand up and let your TWU Organizing Team know that you are ready to stand together and get Our Union! Please use the form below to send us your employee #, name, mailing address, cell number and non-JetBlue email address. It is absolutely critical we get this information from you! We will protect it and only disclose your info to TWU. When we can show TWU that a supermajority of JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers want a union, we will be able to move forward with our card drive and union election. The time to act is now! ***You do not have to fill out this form if you have been recently surveyed and provided your most current contact information. WE DO NEED TO HEAR FROM EVERYONE ELSE! If in doubt fill it out!***
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Remember your contact information is kept strictly confidential and WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH THE COMPANY. In Unity, Your TWU Organizing Team

Join the Activist Team

In preparation for Our Big Push to Unionize in 2017 we must have a large group of dedicated activists to successfully organize a workgroup the size of ours. The Activist Team talks about Our Movement while at work and helps measure current support to prepare us for our next authorization card drive. We keep it… Continue Reading

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